septembre 14 2017
 Activ'Boost | Crée par Marie | 1 | de 09h50 à 13h00
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ctiv Boost is back in Brussels for another exciting workshop!

When? Thursday September 14th, between 9.50 and 13.00 am (please arrive 10 minutes before so we can start on time)

Where? Muntpunt, Brussels: 6 Place de la Monnaie

What? Through our workshops, the unemployment period is transformed into a genuine opportunity to reflect, meet and learn. Thanks to several group activities, the Activ'boost enables you to:

1) Find concrete solutions to the negative feelings caused by unemployment;
2) Get to realise your own qualities, skills and desires, as well as your own creation potential
3) Develop your soft skills
4) Create connections with like-minded people

The vision of Activ'Action is that an unemployment period can turn into an opportunity to act positively, meet new people in a different setting, think through who you really are, and reveal your true potential. With this new vision, Activ'Boost FREE workshops enable you to start a positive enspiral to enlighten your qualities and dreams for a satisfying return to employment.

Take part into this exciting moment where every person shares one's positive energy to feel boosted!

I am looking forward to meeting you !

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