juin 21 2018
 Activ'Up | Crée par Margaux | 0 | de 12h45 à 16h00
Thumb 1040 au

ctiv’Action get the conviction to transform unemployment into an empwering life experience,

Then, Activ’Action offer 3h-workshop based on positive psychology principle, collective intelligence and team building

Thanks to a 3-hour workshop, you will build your confidence and learn about new projects through individual and collective activities.

Specifically, you will:

- Think about an idea or project you’ve wanted to set up
- Overcome the obstacles which are preventing you to fulfil it
- Find out your own motivation and energy (thanks to the group)
- Be aware of your strengths and ability to keep up your motivation
- Draw your own action plan to reach your goal within a month
- Discover and master useful new methods which will be valuable in your next professional step
- Meet nice people and expand your network

In a nice and relax atmosphere, where you will meet persons in the same situation as you to share experiences with :)

My email: paris@activaction.org -

By the end of the workshop, you will have experimented with:

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